Create a woocommerce order programatically

Some cases we required to create dynamic woocommerce order by programatically. So here we are covering this part below. Woocommerce provided wc_create_order() function to create order by code. This function has array argument and its return wc_order or wc_error.

To the right implementation, in following example we have created one woocommerce product called basic plan. We offering this plan for free. so that means on click of buy we will directly create woocommerce order for that particular user. so for 0 price user dont need to go on cart and checkout page to purchase package. This auto creation of order will skip that cart and checkout process for user.

Overridable plugin templates from theme

Most of the websites owners want to extend some plugins functionality as per their requirement. But as per development perspective developer can’t modify changes directly into plugin, because if plugin get updated then all changes or extra code written in plugin will erase. So whats a solution on it? Solution is while making plugin from … Continue reading Overridable plugin templates from theme