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Web Application Developer(Frontend/Backend)

My name is Sagar Walzade from India.

I m a PHP web application developer and have been in the field for several years. I m not only working on technologies like wordpress, codeigniter but also learning and researching on some other technologies. Everytime i m trying somthing new by code that i never done it before, so its increasing my logical ability.

When i m not working , I’m probably hanging out with my friends, surfing for some cool designs or web templates that increase my designing skills, checking out tech news, searching something inspire me on internet or youtube.

My goal with this blog is to share tutorials, tips and tricks that i found myself while working and researching. There are countless websites or blogs out there that post daily, weekly or monthly tutorials and tips of related to coding, but i will try to provide something new or maybe something same with very simple and understandable stuff. Coding is my passion, and i am constantly striving to make myself better and hopefully help out few people along the way.

If you would like to get in touch with me and want to suggest something, having issue with your website or need some help with in an existing website, please do so via my Contact Page. So will let see what i can do to help.

Thank you for coming here and hope you love the content.


  • Blogging sites
  • E-Commerce/Shopping sites
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • ERP System (Enterprise resource planning)
  • Portfolio sites
  • Informative / Business sites
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Theme Customizations
  • Woocommerce Customizations
  • PSD to WordPress

Technical Skills

PHP 90%
Woocommerce 73%
HTML & CSS 90%


This plugin is developed for tours & travels booking. Admin can create or manage tours, travels and bookings from backend. Plugin has two shortcode to place filter of tours and travelers. Plugin has integrated with paypal payment gateway for online payments of bookings.
It also has integrated google place api to get locations so admin can set specific rate for particular city or location. so travel booking can be with different prices as per different locations. All percentages, taxes, emails, payments, city rates, terms and conditions and api key’s setting has given.
Technologies : Mysql, css3, html5, php, wordpress-plugin, wordpress

This site is for managing calalogue of vehicle tools. Admin can add and manage products and also make it according to categories, brands and models. Admin can also have a catalogue pdf section to manage some information pdf / documents of vehicle parts.
Other section – News (Blog), Contact Us, Profile. Admin can also export/import products into catalogue by excel or csv.
Backend images are provided.
Technologies : Mysql, css3, html5, Codeigniter, Bootstrap

My Client wanted a plugin to get reviews from viewer / users of that site and he want to sell this plugin with license.
Plugin is built with wordpress. This plugin provide to get rating and reviews / feedback from user which can be positive or negative. Admin can see and manage all feedbacks from backend. This plugin is configurable all frontend text of each section. It also has social links to show on review form so whenever user submit review he can see social links below and user can also post his feedback on social page. And this plugin has also required license
Technologies : Mysql, css3, html5, WordPress, Php

This project is developed in codeigniter for publically voting system. Admin can add, edit polls by adding questions and options, admin can also select address from google address bar. so public can vote according to that specific location.
In frontend user has option to direct or facebook login. User also have option to search polls as per keywords, location, radius and poll dates.
Technologies : Mysql, css3, html5, Codeigniter, Php

I developed this plugin for my company to manage job profiles or vacancies to show on website frontend and get employees application for the job.
I built this plugin of wordpress, which is having backend and frontend both view. Frontend jobs can be display with just a one shortcode. In backend all the details can be show in three menu’s – admin can Add Job, Jobs List, Applications List (which is submitted by frontend side by employers). We have also integrated google recaptcha into the application form.
Technologies : Mysql, css3, html5, WordPress, Php

A very simple plugin that gives website owners and visitors ability to see how many people have visited to each post.


  • On the front end it adds post views count to the bottom posts on your WordPress website.
  • User can enable/disable post views count for each post individually.

Technologies : Mysql, css3, html5, WordPress, Php
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